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It turned out that Shannon Price  and Gary Coleman were married when he signed everything over his wife in case of his death.
As a result, Price has become the sole heir of his estate. It was added by Coleman in the document dated September 2, 2007, he decided to do so because he loved her [...] Continue reading Shannon Price Is the Sole Heir of Coleman’s Estate

Gary Coleman’s ex-wife 24 year old Shannon Price has said that she was still married to him as his common law wife when the actor died last month. She has thrown a legal challenge to take control of the actor’s estate.
In his 1999 will, Coleman had named former Coleman manager Dion Mial as executor [...] Continue reading Gary Coleman’s ex-wife wants control of his estate.

fire at industrial estate in Mumbai

A major fire broke out at an industrial estate in South Mumbai on Sunday evening but no casualties were reported, fire brigade officials said.
The blaze was reported from a leather factory in Devidayal compound located near Reay Road area, they said, adding as many as 12 fire engines and four water tankers were rushed to [...] Continue reading fire at industrial estate in Mumbai

California adds itself to list of Michael Jackson’s debtors with tiny tax fee sought Add the state of California to the list of those who claim Michael Jackson owes them money, but the debt isn’t exactly going to close the state’s budget gap. California’s tax board filed a creditor’s claim Wednesday against the late King … Continue reading California seeks tiny tax fee from Jackson estate

Sony, Jackson estate ink 250-million-dollar deal

Sony and administrators for Michael Jackson’s estate confirmed Tuesday they signed a 250-million-dollar deal that will include releasing new music the pop icon was working on before his death. The landmark deal would give the entertainment giant distribution rights for all of Jackson’s material until 2017, a source close to the matter told AFP, adding the deal would … Continue reading Sony, Jackson estate ink 250-million-dollar deal