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Jennifer Lopez Reveals Idol Judges' 'First Fight' | Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Stewart Cook/REX USA

No more Ms. Nice for American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez.

The singer admits that she and her cohorts on the panel – Randy Jackson and Steven

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Sometimes you have to stick up for what you believe in. While at a march for schools in Washington D.C. this past weekend, Matt Damon did not take kindly to a question posed by a reporter from Reason.tv.

After the correspondent assumed that a lack of job security is why someone works hard, equating actors like himself with teachers , Damon went on the offensive, stating that “you think job insecurity… Continue reading Here's Matt Damon Fighting With a Reporter Accompanied By Jason Bourne's Best Fight Scenes

We here at Moviefone love a good debate, and nothing gets us going like an argument involving Star Wars. Lucky for us, the release of ‘Cowboys & Aliens,’ starring Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, provides the perfect excuse for us to pit together two of the greatest characters in history: Han Solo vs. James Bond (aka Han vs. Bond).

Before we start, we will state the obvious: James Bond has 22… Continue reading James Bond vs. Han Solo: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Chris Brown: Fight Club Shoe Shopping

Chris Brown goes shoe shopping with some pals and his bodyguard on Thursday (June 16) at Fight Club in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old singer, wearing a red T-shirt and white Kings cap, took pictures with a few fans who approached him before he headed back to his car.

Chris had a busy week of video premieres, including New Boyz‘ “Better with… Continue reading Chris Brown: Fight Club Shoe Shopping