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Lindsay Lohan has lashed out at Joan Rivers, after the comedienne posted nasty tweets about the actress on Twitter. Lohan, 24, fired back at Joan Rivers via Twitter after the comedienne cracked a few jokes about the actress on her own Twitter page. The actress also called Rivers and her dad Michael Lohan ”a match […] Continue reading LiLo in Twitter fight with comedienne Joan Rivers

It was only a matter of time before some enterprising (or bored) sound engineer came up with the idea of combining the Mel Gibson threats against his ex-girlfriend with the Christain Bale movie set rant from a few years back. Together, they make for a hilarious phone fight that will go down as one of […] Continue reading Christian Bale Mel Gibson: The Phone Fight!

Larry King engaged in a verbal snipe fest with Howard Stern, after he called him ”tasteless” in an interview. After learning that the CNN talk-show host had trashed him in an interview published last week in Steppin” Out magazine, Stern retaliated by calling King a “loser” and “the luckiest man in show business” at a […] Continue reading Larry King triggers verbal fight with Howard Stern after ”tasteless” remark

Nicolas Cage’s rep has dismissed reports that the actor was involved a bar fight. It is believed that that fight took place after the New York premiere of Cage’s new film ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’. The Hollywood star was allegedly caught up in a scuffle with another guest at the Rose Bar in Manhattan, where Cage […] Continue reading Nicolas Cage rep dismisses bar fight reports

Actress Nikki Reed has admitted that training for the fight scenes in ‘Eclipse’ was physically demanding. The actress, who plays Rosalie Cullen, had to participate in fight training six days a week for the epic battle scenes in the flick. “It was very physically demanding – I remember getting off the airplane and getting my […] Continue reading ‘Eclipse’ fight scenes were ‘physically demanding’, says Nikki Reed