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Mindy McCready Hospitalized In Florida

Country singer Mindy McCready was admitted to a Florida hospital on Tuesday. McCready, 34, was admitted to a hospital in Cape Coral, Florida after a suspected chemical reaction to painkillers, TMZ.com has learned. According to Mindy’s mom — Gayle Ingle — the trouble star broke her toe on Saturday night and had been pain pills [...] Continue reading Mindy McCready Hospitalized In Florida

w16501 260x195 Florida Film Incentive Bill Could Deny Tax Credits to Films with ‘Non traditional Family Values’

While many countries offer direct public financing for films, in the United States the primary form of public film funding comes through tax credits.

The state of Florida is considering a new tax incentive bill to draw film production to the state, and a provision in the bill would allow denial of tax breaks to films that feature ‘non-traditional family values.’ What does that phrase mean, exactly? No one knows.

As the Palm Beach Post reports, the $75m bill is a priority for the state’s Republican majority in the House, and has already passed through one committee with unanimous approval. The House Finance and Tax Council, is next. If approved, the state’s allowance for a 2% tax break for ‘family-friendly’ films would become a 5% break, and films could be disallowed on the basis of a very vague language.

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