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Michael Jackson's Plea to Doctor: 'Please, Please' Give Me Propofol | Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Carlo Allegri/Getty

They were among the final words of Michael Jackson.

“I’d like to have some milk,” he told his doctor. “Please, please give me some.”

It wasn’t really milk that the pop star wanted, but an injection through an IV of a powerful anesthetic called propofol, the one substance that… Continue reading Michael Jackson's Plea to Doctor: 'Please, Please' Give Me Propofol

We’re three episodes into Person of Interest, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from the show so far, it’s to stay away from New York City! Holy smokes a lot of bad stuff goes down there, and the useless cops are apparently only good for cleaning up the crime scenes and filling out paperwork. They’re glorified janitors! So it’s a good thing, then, that the Big Apple has John… Continue reading Person of Interest: Give Reese a Chance

Review in a Hurry: When a demented clock maker threatens to snatch up all the time left on the planet, a new duo of spy kids arrive to save the day. First they have to become spies, but that won’t take long once they discover their new stepmom… Continue reading Movie Review: Spy Kids: All the Time in the World Will Probably Give You a Headache

Pink Heads to Hospital to Give Birth?

Pink and husband Carey Hart arrive at a hospital on Thursday (June 2) in Los Angeles.

The night before, the 31-year-old singer prompted speculation she had already given birth to her first child when she tweeted a cryptic message.

“New Moon in Gemini today :) a good time to start something new…. Also called the Honey Moon,” she wrote on… Continue reading Pink Heads to Hospital to Give Birth?

One singer even falls down – Find out how they did in three rounds…