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B30544 260x195 Green Lantern On location Set Pictures in New Orleans   March 16

These pictures showed up from a follower of Comicbookmovie.com. Funny how quickly some pictures can show up, but others take forever (Thor

For more pics from the movie, check out comicbookmovie.com If you have any pics from this movie or any other filming send it to admin@beforethetrailer.com

Click on the link above to see the set pictures from Green Lantern!!

h30957 260x195 Moviegoers Go Green and Paperless with Fandango Mobile Tickets

Here is another small advancement in technology that can make a big impact helping to save paper and trees. Millions of people visit movie theaters weekly and the internet has revolutionized ticket purchasing, but for the most part you still have to print out a confirmation or a barcode. However, a new application from Fandango allows for a barcode to show up on your mobile phone that can be scanned at movie theaters.

You can see full list of test markets in the full article at the link.

S31482 260x195 Get on TV: Review Green Zone, Our Family Wedding or Remember Me

We want your webcam reviews for Green Zone, Our Family Wedding or Remember Me this weekend for the Rotten Tomatoes Show. Any reviewers who make it on the show will be paid $100 via paypal.

We need concise comments about the movies for our editors. Don't know what that means? Here's how we use your reviews on the show:


IMPORTANT: All reviews must be submitted by midnight on Sunday 3/14

Once you’ve registered as a member of current.com you have two options for submitting your review.

1. Click on the Webcam tab and click to record a 1-minute review.

2. Record a longer review using a digital camera or video program, then click on Upload.

You may cut down your review but don't cut it too tight or edit in any pictures or videos, if you're a minor we can't pay you and we’ll need a release from your parents. We only pay the uploader, not based on the number of people in your review.

If you have any questions or problems with your upload, email dbere AT current DOT com

Review: Green Zone Heavy on Politics, Action, Damon

300.green.zone.011209 Review: Green Zone Heavy on Politics, Action, DamonReview in a Hurry: Matt Damon reunites with Bourne sequel director Paul Greengrass and his shaky, hand-held camera for an action-packed thriller set in Iraq shortly after the toppling of Saddam….
 Review: Green Zone Heavy on Politics, Action, Damon