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Paul the Octopus Deserves a Hand

You’ve got to hand it to Paul the Octopus: the clairvoyant calamari-in-waiting, unlike many flashes in the frying pan, is quitting while he’s … Continue reading Paul the Octopus Deserves a Hand

Elizabeth Hurley was left terrified when her husband narrowly escaped a fireball in the grounds of their home. The model/actress and beau Arun Nayar had prepared to light a bonfire at their country farm in Gloucestershire last year (09) when an unexpected kerosene blast singed the Indian businessman’s hair and burned his hand. Hurley quickly [...] Continue reading Liz Hurley’s fear after fireball burnt her beau’s hand

Kareena-Bhansali Join Hand

Buzz is that Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Kareena Kapoor are set to work together once again after “Guzarish”. The two who have wanted to work with each other for long, haven’t been able to figure out a suitable project till now. Though Sanjay Leela Bhansali chose to keep mum on the subject, Bebo was candid [...] Continue reading Kareena-Bhansali Join Hand

Secondhand smoke dangerous to mental health too

Even if you do not smoke a cigarette, but if you inhale from other people’s smoke, your lungs and heart are still damaged to an extent. Now, the new research has confirmed that your mental health may also be at risk due to second hand smoke.
According to the new studies, non-smokers who are [...] Continue reading Secondhand smoke dangerous to mental health too

Gary Coleman’s ex-wife has responded angrily to rumors that she may have played a sinister hand in the former child star’s death. Shannon Price — the 24-year-old redhead who wed Coleman after a brief courtship n 2007 — is taking the campaign to clear her name to tabloid TV; Price will sit down with entertainment [...] Continue reading Shannon Price “Entertainment Tonight” Interview Kicks Off Monday