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“I am a big Fear Factor fan. I’m a big fan of anything Joe Rogan does, actually,” – Michael Scott, The Office Could Joe Rogan return as Fear Factor host? He’s “very high on the list” according to Endemol North America chairman David Goldberg. With news of the NBC rebooting the action-stunt classic just breaking today,

The expectant French first lady steps out in a chic ensemble at the G8 Summit… Continue reading Carla Bruni's Maternity Style Debut: High Fashion!

The Schwarzenegger Sex Scandal isn’t the only political story heating up the blogosphere this week. Remember Jimmy McMillan? Well, he’s running for president. That’s right — the former candidate for […] Continue reading Jimmy “The Rent Is Too High” McMillan For President

Prom, Aimee TeegardenReview in a Hurry: Disney’s Prom is the squeaky-clean romp you’d expect from the Mouse House: no sex, no drugs and rock n’ roll that’s questionable at best. But that’s OK!…

Spider-Man – The High Definition Trilogy (Spider-Man / Spider-Man 2 / Spider-Man 3) [Blu-ray]

Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent Release Date: 10/30/2007Spider-Man 3 How does Spider-Man 3 follow on the heels of its predecessor, which was widely considered the best superhero movie ever? For starters, you pick up the loose threads from that movie, then… Continue reading Spider-Man - The High Definition Trilogy (Spider-Man / Spider-Man 2 / Spider-Man 3) [Blu-ray]