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The guys at Scream-Trilogy.net have picked up on a viral site that was created for Scream 4 .

WoodsboroHighSchool.com is the official site of Sidney Prescott’s old school and where the characters of the fourth film get their higher learning.

Dig around. Some really fun stuff for the “Scream” fans here, including the location of Woodsboro in California and a photo of Principal Himbry (Henry Winkler) hanging from the football field’s… Continue reading Show Your Pride for Woodsboro High

Review in a Hurry: Rowdy fratboy-turned-politician David Norris (Matt Damon) accidentally discovers that his life path has been planned out for him from on high, by a bunch of guys in gray suits… Continue reading Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau High on Concept, Short on Thrills

High cholesterolMiddle-aged men and women having high cholesterol and high blood pressure may not only be at risk for heart disease, but possibly develop early cognitive and memory problems as well. For the study, 3,486 men and 1,341 women with an average age of 55 underwent cognitive tests three times over 10 years. The tests measured […] Continue reading High cholesterol, BP in mid-age tied to memory problems

Think your Bieber obsession has gotten you into serious trouble before? A group of high school students in The Empire State claim they were nearly suspended for wearing homemade Justin Bieber tees to school. The girls attend Roosevelt High School in quiet Yonkers, New York. Scandal ensued last week after the shirts in question were […] Continue reading Bieber Fever Gets High Schoolers Suspended

You’ll never guess who this dork grew up to be! He’s so damn funny, he shagged a billion women then charmed the pop world’s hottest “California Gurl” into marrying him. Why it’s none other than British comedian Russell Brand — Pre-Jesus Hair. This gem of a pic was recently unearthed by COED Magazine, which uploaded […] Continue reading Russell Brand High School Photo Unearthed