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September 15, 2011

While it’s quite a ways from a solid confirmation of the plot to Ghostbusters 3, John Hodgman’s comments on this week’s The Best Show on WFMU are just a bit too on-the-nose to ignore. io9 took notice of the “hypothetical” scenario that the actor posed on the air, which syncs up suspciously well to what has already been revealed about the

Oh Ghostbusters 3, how you continue to trouble us. Still stuck somewhere between a Saturday Night Live sketch and actually happening, the third Ghostbusters installment has had more mechanical issues than the beat-up 1988 Chevy Corsica we drove in college. The latest word is that at least Dan Aykroyd is still working on it, and it seems like they may be quietly casting this… Continue reading Rumor: John Hodgman Offered Egon's Son Role in 'Ghostbusters 3'; Bill Murray Won't Be In It