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: The White House gate-crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi have backtracked over their earlier claims that Whoopi Goldberg got physical with Michaele Salahi during a taping of ‘The View’. The allegation led to a backstage battle between the show’s host and the couple. “I never said the word hit,” the New York Daily News quoted [...] Continue reading White House gatecrasher says Whoppi Goldberg didn’t hit her

On ABC’s The View Wednesday, White House Gatecrasher Michaele and host Whoopi Goldberg clashed when the cast of the new Bravo docu-soap The Real Housewives of DC dropped by the morning gabfest, prompting an encounter between Goldberg and Salahi that allegedly ended with Whoopi “violently shaking” the waify fameseeker.Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, [...] Continue reading Whoopi Goldberg White House Party Crasher Michaele Salahi Embroiled In Backstage Feud

The View’ host Whoopi Goldberg and White House gatecrashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi indulged in an obscenity-laced backstage battle after wrapping up Wednesday’s episode of the ABC show. Tareq Salahi, upset that Goldberg touched his wife during a segment of the show, had an “elevated and heated” exchange after the live telecast. Michaele and other [...] Continue reading Goldberg, White House gatecrashers in backstage fight after ”The View” filming

Oh snap! Michaele Salahi — one-half of The White House Party Crashers who flim-flamed their way into The Obamas’ State Dinner last November — is back in the news again. The star of Bravo’s new reality docu-soap, The Real Housewives of DC, has accused Academy Award-winner Whoopi Goldberg of striking her during a promotional appearance [...] Continue reading Whoopi Goldberg Accused Of Hitting Michaele Salahi, White House Crasher & “Real Housewife”

Brinkley puts NY house on market at $15.75 million

You, too, can live like Christie Brinkley. All you need is $15.75 million.. . The supermodel has put one of her properties on New York’s Long … Continue reading Brinkley puts NY house on market at $15.75 million