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District 97 takes in part of Oklahoma County. Mike Shelton Oklahoma City Democrat . 37 Tulsa Bachelor’s degree in economics Clarissa Baptist… Continue reading Oklahoma House Seat: District 97

White House Party Crashers Tareq and Michele Salahi are the targets of a new anti-fan movement sweeping Facebook.A Facebook page called “Tell the White House Pary Crashers to Go Away” has emerged in hopes of blasting the Northern Virginia movers & shakers who have gained a cult following since illegally gaining acess to the First […] Continue reading Facebookers Want White House Party Crashers To Crawl Back Under Their Rock

Sarah Jessica Parker has spotted checking a massive 16-million-pound townhouse in New York. The “Sex and the City” star, who owns several properties in the city, has admitted her present home in Manhattan is “bursting at the seams”, but vowed never to relocate to “the suburbs” even though there would be more space for herself, […] Continue reading Sarah Jessica Parker looking for new house?

Forty-six years after the Beatles invaded America, Paul McCartney rocked the White House Wednesday, honored by President Barack Obama at a star-studded concert celebrating his songwriting legend. Though British Petroleum is target number one for the White House over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, British pop, in the form of Sir Paul, was more than welcome, along with a … Continue reading Vintage McCartney lifts somber White House

Paul McCartney’s long and winding road leads him to White House for Gershwin pop music award After all those hits along the long and winding road to fame, you’d think nothing would fluster Paul McCartney. Think again. Sir Paul has confessed he’s “slightly nervous” about Wednesday night’s concert at the White House. That’s where President … Continue reading McCartney's long, winding road goes to White House