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susan powell 440 Susan Powell Searchers Find Charred Wood   Not Human Remains

Susan Powell

Hardman Photography/AP

Several days after announcing they believed to have discovered human remains which may have belonged to missing mom Susan Powell, police searchers on Saturday abandoned the site

susan powell 440 Susan Powells Father Concerned That Human Remains Are Hers

Susan Powell

Hardman Photography/AP

Susan Powell’s father, Chuck Cox, says his outlook is considerably bleaker after learning that police discovered human remains near a campground where his daughter’s husband took their children

The most impressive thing about The Human Centipede is it’s ability to provoke people in theory alone.  It’s the kind of film whose mere plot description – three poor souls who have their kneecaps surgically removed are sewn together in a mouth-to-anus chain – bothers people. Say what you will about the actual film, but I tip my hat to any horror movie that riles people up before… Continue reading 'The Human Centipede 2' Teaser Trailer Makes Bold Promises

Let’s travel back in time…back before the first two Deus Ex games used nanotech body augmentation. Before that, it was cybernetics and not everyone was happy about it. We got a chance to check out the newest installment in the franchise, Deus Ex: Human Revolution at E3 today and learned what happens when technology moves faster than our little brains can process.

Here’s the deal, direct from the E3… Continue reading E3: Taking Part in the Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Mamata’s rail budget promises growth with human face

Railway budget 150x150 Mamata’s rail budget promises growth with human faceWith highest ever allocation of Rs.57,630 crore ($13 billion), Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee Friday presented the rail budget for 2011-12, promising to move fast to build a stronger railroad infrastructure while addressing the needs of the average person. From more money for better safety and several industrial parks under the public-private partnership model to new [...] Continue reading Mamata’s rail budget promises growth with human face