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Talent = line + technique + grace + agility; with a little bit of Bravora thrown in for safe measure! Kings of Dance troupe David Halberg, Guillaume Cote, Leonid Sarafanov, Ivan Vasiliev & Marcelo Gomes are sure to leave balletomanes’ gasping for breadth during their NYC City Center performances. Break a leg guys!… Continue reading Michelle Williams Wins Big At Glam-Packed Independent Spirit Awards

“At the Grammys, you can literally beat the shit out of a nominee and be asked to perform twice,” Rogen said to thunderous applause. (The Grammys came under fire two weeks ago for giving Chris Brown a platform just three years after he assaulted his then girlfriend, Rihanna.)

Discussing the year’s Spirit Award nominees, Rogen was just as quick-witted. He joked that “Drive” was a silent film, before commenting on the… Continue reading Seth Rogen Independent Spirit Awards Monologue: Host Blasts Brett Ratner, Chris Brown And Mel Gibson In Hilarious Opening

Sundance Film Festival

Who’s Independent Now?: A winter storm warning is in effect for Park City, Utah, but four inches of snow did not affect the first day of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. In the opening press conference, Robert Redford declared: “This is the only festival that I know about in the world that is purely independent,” raising more than a few eyebrows. Film… Continue reading Sundance in 60 Seconds: World's Only “Purely Independent” Fest; Reactions to Opening Night World Premieres

After several days of rioting in the streets of London, resulting in mass looting and rampant destruction with no end in sight, the chaos has made its way to the film community in devastating form. Last night, an uncontrollable fire was started at the Pias/Sony distribution centers in Enfield, London, burning the 20,000-square-foot warehouse and completely destroying its stock of over 120,000 DVDs.

As evidenced by the Twitter… Continue reading Sony's Independent Film Distributor Burned to the Ground During London Riots (VIDEO)

CANNES, France ? This year’s Cannes Film Festival is filled with big-budget movies like “Puss in Boots” and “Kung Fu Panda 2,” but on Thursday … Continue reading Cannes honors women in independent productions