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After a video of a photographer’s encounter with an LAPD officer uploaded on YouTube, the police have stated an investigation into the matter. The video shows struggle of a photographer to take pictures of an officer, who was using force on the people about bicycles standing around in the oil spilled area, consistently objecting [...] Continue reading Investigation of officer using force on video launched

Gary Coleman Death Under Investigation

Authorities in Utah have reportedly launched an investigation into the May 26 fall that caused Gary Coleman’s fatal head injury. Although the scene at Coleman’s home the day of the fall was originally noted as “nothing suspicious” by local investigators, on Wednesday, the late child star’s body was turned over to medical examiners for further [...] Continue reading Gary Coleman Death Under Investigation

Leonardo DiCaprio is all set to play the director of America’’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in a new film, according to reports.
Following in the footsteps of stars like Billy Crudup and Bob Hoskins, the ‘Titanic’ star is in talks to play the powerful role in a new biopic about J. Edgar Hoover, reports the [...] Continue reading Leonardo DiCaprio to play FBI chief in new film?