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Taylor Lautner regrets his decision of carrying co-star Kristen Stewart for a ‘Twilight’ sequence, which took all day to shoot and left the actor in severe pain. The actor plays werewolf Jacob Black in the upcoming third instalment of the vampire franchise—‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’. And he has to show off his superhuman strength by effortlessly […] Continue reading Carrying Kristen Stewart on-set leaves Taylor Lautner in pain

It is interesting to Kristen Stewart’s fans in what other films she will play a role. We shouldn’t forget that this actress is quite busy as she is involved in Eclipse promotion and Breaking Dawn filming. It has been rumored for several months already that Kristen Stewart is going to get the role of Angelina […] Continue reading Angelina Jolie Can be Replaced by Kristen Stewart in Wanted Sequel

Kristen Stewart has sparked rumours of replacing Angelina Jolie in a ‘Wanted’ sequel after saying that she is excited to accept the role but only if the movie would be as good as the first one. The ‘Twilight’ actress is the preferred choice to take over from the Oscar-winning actress as the upcoming sequel”s female […] Continue reading Kristen Stewart to replace Angelina Jolie in ‘Wanted’ sequel?

Kristen Stewart has relegated herself to a lifetime of looking like a miserable cow. The Twilight Saga actress thinks she needs a “face transplant” to look happier when she meets fans.The big screen lip-biter — who admits she often finds fame difficult — is regularly criticized for looking sullen in public and struggles to smile and […] Continue reading Kristen Stewart Face Transplant

Kristen Stewart played Bella Swan and many liked this character. But she says that the portrayal was not that difficult and hard this time. But she has no plan to make and Eclipse playlist.
For the moment she wants to enjoy regular old KStew tunes. ‘I always listen to music, but I had particular […] Continue reading Kristen calls The Climb as her theme song