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We’ve come a long way in 19 years. Way back when in 1995, Pixar made a movie about children’s toys. The folks there called it Toy Story. Now, in 2014, Warner Bros. made a movie about children’s Legos. The studio called it The Lego Movie. Both films attempt to capture adventure and heartfelt spirit for kids of all ages (adults included).

This week’s Film Face-off will only focus on the first Toy Story

lego movie619 Box Office Report: Everything Is Awesome for The Lego Movie at Box OfficeHere’s your 3-day box office returns (new releases bolded):

1. The Lego Movie – $ 69.1 million

2. The Monuments Men – $ 22.7 million

3. Ride Along – $ 9.3 million

4. Frozen – $ 6.9 million

5. That Awkward Moment – $ 5.5 million

6. Lone Survivor – $ 5.2 million

7. Vampire Academy – $ 4.1 million

8. The Nut Job – $ 3.8 million

9. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – $

5186568790 a68896ac04 The Best LEGO Fan Art: 44 Movie Inspired Creations (PHOTOS)Alex Eylar, Flickr

With “The LEGO Movie” arriving in theaters this weekend, audiences will finally be able to see if the big screen can match their imagination, when it comes to creative scenarios featuring the inch-high block people. For years, LEGO has immortalized blockbuster franchises like “Star Wars,” Batman, Indiana Jones, and the world of Pixar with massive toy sets that… Continue reading The Best LEGO Fan Art: 44 Movie Inspired Creations (PHOTOS)

Fancast 1000x250 Listen: The Winter Olympics, Batman vs. Superman and Why You Need to See The Lego Movie

Need to kill some time? Wanna listen to two dudes nerd out on some movies? On this week’s episode of the FanCast movies podcast, our own Erik Davis and Sean O’Connell discuss what is arguably the week’s biggest news story: the casting of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in the Man of Steel sequel, tentetively titled Batman vs. Superman. Also, in honor of the Winter… Continue reading Listen: The Winter Olympics, 'Batman vs. Superman' and Why You Need to See 'The Lego Movie'

Money%20Ball%20Header Poster Crop Quiz: Can You Guess These Movies from The Lego Movie Voice Cast?Greetings, maniacs! It’s time for another fully assembled Poster-Crop Quiz. This week, in honor of The Lego Movie, we’ve put together a quiz based around the film’s stellar voice cast. We’ve taken posters from the careers of the various voice talent and cropped them into tiny pieces. See if you can put together which images were cropped from which posters and leave your guesses in the… Continue reading Poster-Crop Quiz: Can You Guess These Movies from 'The Lego Movie' Voice Cast?