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Considering Brad Pitt has a seemingly perfect life, with a red hot career, beautiful children, millions in the bank and a gorgeous life partner in Angelina Jolie , you would think he would be all smiles.

But the 47-year-old father of six was looking somewhat exasperated Friday as he sat through a press conference for his new movie Moneyball at the 36th Toronto… Continue reading What In The World Is Wrong With Brad? Pitt Looks A Little Piqued

At the end of last season, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) became the new Intersect, and while it’s been said that Chuck will become a mentor of sorts, there’s also tough times ahead for Chuck’s BFF.

“There’s that whole growing process for Morgan as the intersect, and like what happened with Chuck, we don’t know exactly what effect it’s going to have,”… Continue reading ‘Chuck’ scoop: Joshua Gomez says of Morgan as the new Intersect: ‘The potential is there for it to go a little haywire’

The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Beginning

Every story has a beginning but only one begins under the sea…now for the first time ever discover the story you never knew in The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning, an all-new motion picture only on Disney DVD. Long ago, in a kingdom where music is outlawed, King Triton’s youngest… Continue reading The Little Mermaid - Ariel's Beginning

Relativity Media’s panel was a bit of a mixed bag, as they trotted out two wildly different films that were met with equally mixed reactions. Things kicked off with Steven Soderbergh making a rare Comic-Con appearance to hype his upcoming action thriller Haywire, a presentation followed by James McTeigue premiering the trailer for The Raven, a murder mystery that recasts Edgar Allen Poe as a reluctant detective during the final… Continue reading Comic-Con: The Relativity Panel, 'Haywire' Kicks Ass, 'The Raven' a Little Less So


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In the beginning, Love Bites on NBC showed so much promise — a dramedy-anthology featuring popular stars like Becki Newton and Greg Grunberg that creator Cindy Chupack described as Love, American Style meets Love Actually. Unfortunately, a bad combination of too many cooks (it went through three regime changes at NBC) and an ambitious conceit (new stars every week!) ended up side-lining the show. Chupack… Continue reading ‘Love Bites’ creator on Thursday’s finale: ‘It felt like a successful little miniseries’