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At last, one of How I Met Your Mother‘s great mysteries—the identity of the fabled “Slutty Pumpkin”—will reveal itself to patient fans. Mrs. Kate Holmes-Cruise plays the character, who left Ted hanging (literally, considering he was dressed as a “hanging chad”) way back in the show’s first season. Ted first met the mystery squash in 2001, the story goes, back when hanging chads were still a thing—but Ted lost her… Continue reading How I Met Your Mother: Here's Your First Look at Katie Holmes as the Fabled Slutty Pumpkin (PHOTOS)

There are fans and then there are super fans … and then there are people like 35-year-old Herbert Chavez who are so obsessed with someone they actually undergo multiple cosmetic surgeries to look more like their hero. Chavez, who apparently hails from the Philippines, is a beauty pageant trainer who’s been on this quest to look more like Superman since 1995. So far he’s had chin augmentation, rhinoplasty for Christopher… Continue reading Look: Some Guy Undergoes Multiple Surgeries to Look More Like Superman

Fringe: Take a Look in the Mirror

When Fringe is at its best, it’s one of the smartest shows on television. And smart doesn’t just mean moving along at a nice pace with cool twists, some snappy dialogue that you quote for weeks, or some goofy symbolism. To me, smart is layered television that works on multiple levels, capturing a theme that both embraces the on-screen standalone plot and the season-long arcs, yet also transcends the pixels… Continue reading Fringe: Take a Look in the Mirror

First Look at a Promo Image for The FP


Drafthouse Films

September 17, 2011

ComingSoon.net has a first look at this new promo image for Drafthouse Films’ The FP, the comedy from writers/directors Jason and Brandon Trost.

Set in a near post-apocalyptic future, The FP centers on two rival neon-clad gangs raging an underground turf war for dominance of Fraizer Park (“The FP”) in the deadly arena of “Beat-Beat Revelation” a competitive dance-fight video

September 16, 2011

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly features a first look at Sienna Miller in Just Like a Woman, coming to theaters in spring 2012. We’ve scanned the photo which you can check out below.

In the drama, Miller’s character ditches her husband to join the world of competitive dancing. “The story [follows] her and a Muslim woman who also leaves a bad marriage, and they