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The Edge Of Darkness, Mel Gibson Review in a Hurry: Five years after last appearing onscreen (as a jokey cameo in Paparazzi), Mad Mel Gibson is back, and as one might expect, he’s brought with him a heaping helping of brutal…

Bring on the death threats! Alfred E. Neuman dons a Justin Bieber ‘do on the cover of MAD Magazine’s Feb. 16, 2011 issue. With Bieber’s concert film, Never Say Never, poised for release this Friday, MAD editor-in-chief John Ficarra deemed this the perfect time for the “One Less Lonely Girl” crooner to make his spoof […] Continue reading Justin Bieber MAD Magazine Cover Spoof Treatment

NBC is developing a serial drama set in 1960s inspired by Playboy bunnies, hot on the heels of the multi-Emmy-winning success of AMC’s nostalgic drama Mad Men. It’s not difficult to picture the meeting where network executives sat around stroking their beards and asking themselves: “How can we rip-off Mad Men… but make it sexier?” […] Continue reading NBC Plotting ’60s TV Drama Inspired By “Mad Men”

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Sorry Leonardo DiCaprio, there’s a new uber-hippie in Hollywood. Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser is our new green-living hero. On Wednesday, the actor dropped by MSNBC in celebration of “Green Week” to chat about how he’s able to live car-free in Los Angeles, a […] Continue reading “Mad Men’s” Vincent Kartheiser: No Car, No Meat, No Kids…No Toilet?!

This just in: Mad Mel is…well…mad. Oscar winner Mel Gibson’s film career is sliding quicker than Lindsay Lohan after a coke binge and we hear the actor is incensed over being dumped from the cast of The Hangover 2 amid outrage from the film’s stars. Last week, the film’s director put the kibosh on Gibson’s […] Continue reading Mad Mel Gibson Furious Over “Hangover” Snub