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w12583 260x195 Awesome   Move Applications Between PC and Phone by taking a Picture!Move

This is simply awesome. Tsung-Hsiang Chang who is a graduate student at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab along with Yang Li who is a Google employee have developed an application that lets users transfers the state of an application from a computer…


Review: Move Away from The Spy Next Door

300.spynextdoor.chan.jackie.lc.011310 Review: Move Away from The Spy Next DoorReview in a Hurry: Someone must have told Jackie Chan that part of being a Hollywood action star is that you eventually have to do a family movie in which precocious kids make you appear totally…
 Review: Move Away from The Spy Next Door

89583276 EXCLUSIVE: Alejandra Jackson Agrees To Move Out Of Family Compound

Jermaine Jackson’s ex-girfriend and mother to his kids has agreed to vacate Michael Jackson’s compound, just days before she was due in court to face eviction, RadarOnline.com can exclusively report.

Alejandra Jackson has been battling it out with the King of Pop’s estate after she refused to leave the Encino property so it could be renovated.

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But in a sudden, shock move she has… Continue reading EXCLUSIVE: Alejandra Jackson Agrees To Move Out Of Family Compound

We’re not sure what our European brethren did to deserve this, but TV’s most controversial “guidos” are packing their cans of fake tan and heading abroad, with MTV announcing that Jersey Shore will shoot its fourth season in Italy. Already seeped in a public relations stink caused by the series premiere of its controversial new [...] Continue reading Italian-American Interest Groups Livid Over “Jersey Shore” Italy Move

Apparently it wasn’t enough for Kim Kardashian to set her latest reality show in New York City, because now the brunette bombshell is considering … Continue reading Kim Kardashian Considering Permanent Move to New-York