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There are few comedic actors who are incapable of doing drama. After all, it’s harder to do comedy. Also, a lot of great dramatic performances are achieved through the aid of great dramatic directors. Milos Forman can do amazing things with someone like Jim Carrey, and the same goes for Paul Thomas Anderson and Adam Sandler. Combine a star who is… Continue reading What Comedic Actor Would You Like to See Give an Oscar-Worthy Dramatic Performance?

When you’re a highly-respected, Oscar-winning filmmaker like Ang Lee, a lot of scrutiny is paid to every decision you make, particularly which projects you choose to direct. Lee is an especially interesting case since every movie he has made has been different from the one before, and he’s proven himself to be a filmmaker ready to take on new challenges, including ones that may scare any… Continue reading Oscar-Worthy: Life of Pi Director Ang Lee

Every year, there are actors whose performances are so jawdroppingly brilliant you not only want to celebrate them, but also the very art and craft of acting and how much a great performance can elevate good material beyond anything anyone can possibly expect.

That was certainly the case with Ben Lewin’s The Sessions, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, becoming the third year… Continue reading Oscar-Worthy: Actor John Hawkes on The Sessions