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Lindsay Lohan has not been in news for a long time. But finally she is amongst the reports in the media. Six month ago, she had a New Year Pledge of having no drama in this year. But barely a week passed by when her line of clothing was in controversy. Her line of cloths […] Continue reading Lindsay Lohan says she is not all about party

White House Party Crashers Tareq and Michele Salahi are the targets of a new anti-fan movement sweeping Facebook.A Facebook page called “Tell the White House Pary Crashers to Go Away” has emerged in hopes of blasting the Northern Virginia movers & shakers who have gained a cult following since illegally gaining acess to the First […] Continue reading Facebookers Want White House Party Crashers To Crawl Back Under Their Rock

Sweden is currently in the centre of royal wedding preparations and the country’s yellow and blue flags decorate Stockholm’s streets. Despite the fact that this historic event concerns the royal family, Crown Princess Victoria with her beloved fiancé Daniel Westling show to everybody that they are like ordinary human beings who are going to marry: […] Continue reading Victoria Participates in Pre-wedding Water Party

Italian-American stereotypes are soooo 2009. The casting geniuses behind MTV’s breakout reality smash Jersey Shore are looking for a couple good ol’ boys and girls to live up to any and all cliches about Southerners on a new reality show called Party Down South — a “Snooki Meets Larry The Cable Guy-style” docu-soap headed to […] Continue reading MTV “Jersey Shore” Southern Spinoff “Party Down South” Now Casting

MTV Networks’ award shows, including 2 this weekend, more about the party than the prizes Katy Perry dripping with green slime. Jack Black, in his underpants, shooting fireworks from his crotch. Sacha Baron Cohen’s alter-ego, Bruno, landing his bare backside on Eminem’s face. These sure aren’t Oscar moments. MTV Networks — which include Nickelodeon, Spike, Comedy Central and … Continue reading At MTV award shows, party matters more than prizes