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New 3DS Speculation + Interesting Patent

nintendonewsletter.com « Sign up for the Nintendo Newsletter! The first issue will be sent out within the next 24-48 hours! New 3DS Speculation + Interesting Patent *** THE STORIES MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO Will a new 3DS be announced at E3 2012? nintendo3dsblog.com A patent from Nintendo reveals a new way to control the 3DS? nintendo3dsblog.com Rabbids Rumble is… Continue reading New 3DS Speculation + Interesting Patent

It may sound ridiculous at first, but Facebook is planning to trademark the word ‘face’ because it wants to stop other companies using the term in a way which damages its own brand. The first stage of the bid has been approved and, provided they complete all the paperwork, the full trademark will be rubber […] Continue reading Facebook to patent the word ‘face’?