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The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is giving money away. . . The group behind the Golden Globe Awards presented $1.5 million in grants to … Continue reading Hollywood Foreign Press Gives Away $1.5 Million

Lindsay Lohan has arrived in a Beverly Hills courtroom to turn herself in for jail.. . The “Mean Girls” star was sentenced to serve 90 days in jail… Continue reading Lindsay Lohan arrives at court for jail... Associated Press - 8 minutes ago

‘Hannah Montana’ star Miley Cyrus and her parents will not be pressing charges against blogger Perez Hilton for the up-the-skirt picture he took of the teen actress, and posted on his website. According to E! Online, a source close to the family said Cyrus, 17, just wants to move on. “She just wants to move […] Continue reading Miley Cyrus won’t press charges against Perez Hilton for up-the-skirt pic

Microsoft has announced that it will release new lineup of games for its console. The announcement came from the company at a press briefing at E3 2010. The software giant also unveiled a new Xbox.
The new Xbox is smaller and Microsoft Kinect makes use of your body as the controller. The hardcore gamers get […] Continue reading Microsoft launches new Xbox and games

Sony has announced prices for its new J Series all-in-one PCs. According to the company press release, its prices for low-end PCs will start at around $900. However the analysts say that the actual prices start at $1,099.
The actual higher prices are when the customers want all the benefits of the new models. […] Continue reading Sony sets prices for new J series PCs