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… Uh-oh, trouble in Alcatraz! The upcoming J.J. Abrams-produced Fox show has lost its showrunner and co-creator Elizabeth Sarnoff over creative differences. The sci-fi-ish drama, about missing guards and inmates at the world’s most famous prison, will now be run by Jennifer Johnson (Chase) and screenwriter Daniel Pyne. Apparently this decision was also responsible for the production hiatus the show announced a few weeks back that consisted mostly of… Continue reading News Briefs: Alcatraz Hits More Problems

Marti NoxonEarlier today Movies.com had the pleasure of speaking with Marti Noxon, a series writer and producer on fantastic shows like Mad Men, Glee, Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ahead of the December 13th DVD and Blu-ray release of her last feature film, Fright Night. We spoke mostly about how she approached updating the beloved ’80s vampire film, how the gender politics help pin it to… Continue reading Marti Noxon to Re-Write Disney's Live-Action Tinkerbell Movie; Discusses 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' Problems (Exclusive)

Selena Gomez Blames Junk Food for Health Problems

The “malnourished” singer says her mom is trying to help her eat better… Continue reading Selena Gomez Blames Junk Food for Health Problems

High cholesterolMiddle-aged men and women having high cholesterol and high blood pressure may not only be at risk for heart disease, but possibly develop early cognitive and memory problems as well. For the study, 3,486 men and 1,341 women with an average age of 55 underwent cognitive tests three times over 10 years. The tests measured […] Continue reading High cholesterol, BP in mid-age tied to memory problems

Where’s that friend to take the fall when you need one-again?. . For the second time this month, reports are running rampant that the jetsetting… Continue reading More Pot Problems for Paris Hilton...In Paris?