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Lost Junket Interviews: Eddie Murphy Promotes ‘Imagine That’ (VIDEO)

When a new movie gets released, the stars of that movie will do an endless amount of short interviews with the hopes of convincing you that this new movie is the greatest movie ever. After that, those stars move on to promote a new project, which then becomes becomes the new greatest movie ever. Sadly, the prior film is usually forgotten. No more! Here at Moviefone, we’ve decided to honor

Justin Bieber meets his fans, talks music, God and his future as he promotes his autobiographyJustin Bieber might be the modern king of all media.The teen heartthrob has the Web wired — he’s a Y Continue reading Bieber promotes his book, talks music, God, hair

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar promoted his upcoming Bollywood flick ‘Action Replayy’ in Mumbai. Kumar played his favourite songs from the 1970s at the retro-music-and-dance night event, as a part of the promotional campaign. “This was the action replay, it takes you towards 1970s. It takes you toward back music. Like today you have the songs, […] Continue reading Akshay Kumar promotes ‘Action Replayy’ in Mumbai

The new campaign for Nintento Wii got a starry touch with Dame Helen Mirren starring in the game console’s latest advert. The legendary actress can be seen being put through her paces with a Nintendo Wii Fit Plus workout as part of the company”s Christmas promotion. The Wii has a wireless wand-like remote control that […] Continue reading Dame Helen Mirren promotes Nintendo Wii in latest ad

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar rode a road roller to promote his new film ”Khatta Meetha” in Mumbai. Kumar arrived on a road roller at the venue, dressed as ”Sachin Tichkule”, a character in the film who is a corrupt road contractor. “Well it is about corruption, it is about corruption at the lower level. We […] Continue reading Bollywood’s Akshay Kumar promotes upcoming film in Mumbai