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Vegas police: Hilton denied purse was hers

Paris Hilton denied owning the purse in which police say less than a gram of cocaine was found after a traffic stop on the Las Vegas Strip … Continue reading Vegas police: Hilton denied purse was hers

It Wasn’t My Purse

Paris Hilton wouldn’t be caught dead with the purse that and that will be her defense in her Las Vegas cocaine arrest … TMZ has learned. . since… Continue reading It Wasn't My Purse

A lawyer for a robber who snatched Kirsten Dunst’s purse has said that the thief was looking for drugs.
A lawyer for James Jimenez claimed claiming his client was in her SoHo Grand suite because “there were drugs in the room.”
Jimenez was tagging along with drug dealer Jarrod Beinerman, who is a major New York drug [...] Continue reading Kirsten Dunst’s purse was snatched by robber ‘looking for drugs’