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09/19/2012 at 04:00 PM ET

dorian caster 600x450 PEOPLE and Botox Cosmetic Recognize Five Remarkable WomenDorian Caster for Botox Cosmetic

In April, PEOPLE and Botox Cosmetic teamed up to find five “real” women who weren’t only beautiful outside, but on the inside, too.

It turned out to be an easy task — there were tons of entries! — and five

16-year-old refused to recognize Preity

priety zinta 150x150 16 year old refused to recognize PreityBollywood actress Preity Zinta was surprised when a 16-year-old boy refused to recognise her. “Ended up at a wedding party with some friends… Love the farm houses & space in delhi ! 1 16year old boy kept coming up to me & saying…..,” Preity wrote on microblogging site Twitter. “OMG! U look so much like [...] Continue reading 16-year-old refused to recognize Preity

Shannon Price, Gary Coleman’s ex-wife, has petitioned a Utah court asking a judge to formally recognize her as heir to the late child star’s estate.Price wants a judge to recognize her common law marriage to Coleman, 42, from the date of the divorce through his death. Coleman died May 28 after suffering a brain hemorrhage. [...] Continue reading Shannon Price Wants Court To Recognize Common Law Union

Even Monkeys Recognize The Uncanny Valley

c29550 260x195 Even Monkeys Recognize The Uncanny Valley

Much like James Cameron, Robert Zemeckis has always been a director on the cutting edge of film technology. The most recent way he has cemented this title is through his exclusive use of motion capture in The Polar Express, Beowulf, and A Christmas Carol. There is a serious problem with this filming technique, however, and it is called "the uncanny valley."

In the recent issue of Scientific American a study was recently conducted at Princeton University where macaques were presented both real and animated images of monkey faces and the time looking at the faces was calculated. According to the results, the monkeys were quick to turn away from the animated faces, which scientists speculated was because, "realistic animations might resemble sickly or diseased animals because they lack subtle cues of health such as normal skin texture and hue—and that an aversion to such sights may have evolved to keep us healthy."