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Twilight star Robert Pattinson has revealed that the third movie in the Twilight series is ”more grown-up” than the first two films. “I guess in terms of the violence and stuff, I guess that makes it a little bit more grown-up,” the Mirror quoted Pattinson, who reprises the role of vampire Edward in Eclipse, as […] Continue reading Eclipse is more grown-up, says Robert Pattinson

Take a bite out of Robert Pattison family tree and you’ll like find a blood-curling connection to the biggest vamp of the them. The Twilight actor is reportedly related to Vlad-the Impaler, the 15th century Transylvanian leader who inspired the main character in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, according to genealogists.Geneology experts at Ancestry.com found that Pattinson […] Continue reading Robert Pattinson Dracula Genetically-Linked

Twilight actor Robert Pattinson is related to Vlad-the Impaler, the Transylvanian leader who served as the inspiration for the main character in Bram Stoker”s Dracula, according to genealogists. Experts at Ancestry.com found that Pattinson and Vlad III Dracula are connected through their relationship to the British royal family. While Prince William and Prince Harry are […] Continue reading Robert Pattinson related to Dracula, say genealogists

English actor Robert Pattinson has revealed that has become bored with his fans being so obsessed with him. The star insists that he can’t wait till it gets over. “It can get a little boring. The good news is that the whole thing is done in seven months,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Pattinson as telling […] Continue reading Robert Pattinson bored of Twilight hype

Robert Downey Jr. has been honoured in Chicago for his career achievements. The ‘Iron Man’ star attended an event at the city’s Ritz Carlton Hotel on June 19. At the event, the actor received “The Gene Siskel Film Center”s Renaissance Award,” reports the Daily Express. A rep for the organisation who paid tribute to the […] Continue reading Robert Downey Jr honoured in Chicago