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Leonardo DiCaprio was close to mental meltdown while on the set of ‘Shutter Island’. On-set consultant Dr James Gilligan, who worked with DiCaprio, 35, during the entire shoot, feared for the ‘Titanic’ star as he fought to get to grips with his character. And we discovered that DiCaprio, who played US Marshal Teddy Daniels, was […] Continue reading Leonardo DiCaprio was close to meltdown while shooting ‘Shutter Island’

Actress Julia Roberts has revealed that she has gained weight while shooting for her new drama ‘Eat Pray Love’ in Italy, as she refused to spit out bites of food when the director called cut. Roberts even confessed that while shooting scenes in Rome, she couldn”t resist tucking in to hearty plates of pizza and […] Continue reading Julia Roberts gained weight while shooting ‘Eat Pray Love’

Actress Dame Helen Mirren says she was at ease while shooting steamy love scene for director husband Taylor Hackford”s new flick ”Love Ranch”. The actress claimed that she faced no problem while shooting an intimate scene with hunky Spanish actor Sergio Peris-Mencheta-who is almost 30 years her junior-because she and her husband have become “comfortable” […] Continue reading Dame Helen Mirren ”comfortable” shooting love scene for hubby

Although Dakota Fanning started shooting while being a child, she did not give up the prom, her quintessential part of her teenage years.
According to Dakota, you spend a lot of effort as well as time in order to be ready for a particular action rather than you spend at the place.
She is 16 years old […] Continue reading Dakota Fanning Combines High School with Shooting

Vidya Balan, who has been shooting outdoors on the streets of Delhi for “Who Killed -Jessica” from dawn till 10.30 p.m., is extremely exhausted.
“There’s no time to do anything. By the time we wrap up, all I want to do is crash out for the day,” she said.
“Sadly, I haven’t even been able to meet […] Continue reading Vidya Balan exhausted from shooting for ‘Who Killed -Jessica’