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300.welcometotherileys.stewart.kristen.lc.120809 Movie Review: Kristen Stewart Shows Serious Acting Chops (Really!) in Welcome to the RileysReview in a Hurry: Sad-sack plumbing contractor Doug (James Gandolfini) has been having an affair with a waitress ever since his daughter died. But when the waitress suddenly dies too, he’s…
 Movie Review: Kristen Stewart Shows Serious Acting Chops (Really!) in Welcome to the Rileys

Sick Minnelli cancels shows

LIZA MINNELLI is “greatly disappointed” after calling off seven upcoming concerts due to illness.. . The Cabaret star has been diagnosed with … Continue reading Sick Minnelli cancels shows

Review: ‘Red’ shows its age

The summer gave us “The Expendables,” a geriatric action movie that topped the box office charts. . . Make way for the geriatric spy thriller “Red” … Continue reading Review: 'Red' shows its age

It seems Bruce Willis is a little too inspired by Lady Gaga—the bald actor gave a new meaning to the term ‘meathead’ when he showed off his toupee on ”Late Show” with David Letterman Monday night. Letterman took the joke in stride, joking, “You”ve, uh, you”ve dyed your hair?” reports the New York Daily News. [...] Continue reading Bruce Willis shows off Lady Gaga-inspired meat toupee on ”Late Show”

Supermodel Adriana Lima has shown off the 1.5m-pound Victoria”s Secret Fantasy bra. Adriana Lima looked more than a million dollars as she wears the latest in jewel encrusted lingerie, reports the Daily Express. Decorated with a starburst design, the one-off Bombshell bra features 2,000 diamonds. It was unveiled ahead of the lingerie giant’s upcoming fashion [...] Continue reading Adriana Lima shows off £1.5m Victoria”s Secret diamonds bra