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Cher Doesn’t Do Reality Shows

Sorry Snooki, but Cher “ain’t impressed!” The showbiz icon boasts a career that spans more than four decades, that why she doesn’t really get The Kardashians, Jersey Shore, or any of those other hit shows that feature people who are famous for “I don’t know what.” “I don’t like reality shows at all,” Cher tells [...] Continue reading Cher Doesn’t Do Reality Shows

Halle Berry shocked audience when revealed two round sweat stains in her armpits during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Monday. The actress, who was wearing a burgundy dress, laughed it off but blamed the wetness on the guests DeGeneres featured earlier in the show. “I just want you to know what those Indian [...] Continue reading Berry shows off ‘embarrassing’ sweaty armpits on ”Ellen DeGeneres Show”

Aussie cricketer Michael Clarke cleverly deflected questions about his new girlfriend Kyly Boldy at an event to launch Australia”s Ashes ad campaign this week. Asked if he and the one-time Miss Indy were going strong after Boldy was spotted watching Australia play Sri Lanka at the SCG last week, Clarke side-stepped the question and made [...] Continue reading Michael Clarke shows off deflecting skills

Oprah Winfrey’s new network is planning new series on two pairs of entertainers with complicated lives: country music stars the Judds and actor … Continue reading Judds, O'Neals to make shows for Winfrey's network

300.welcometotherileys.stewart.kristen.lc.120809 Movie Review: Kristen Stewart Shows Serious Acting Chops (Really!) in Welcome to the RileysReview in a Hurry: Sad-sack plumbing contractor Doug (James Gandolfini) has been having an affair with a waitress ever since his daughter died. But when the waitress suddenly dies too, he’s…
 Movie Review: Kristen Stewart Shows Serious Acting Chops (Really!) in Welcome to the Rileys