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This Monday, April 4, the canceled MTV reality series WWE Tough Enough will be gloriously resurrected in the cable TV arena. So grease up your biceps, get a patriotic hard rock playlist ready and, of course, put on your sparkling tiara. The reigning Miss USA Rima Fakih – yes, the girl who won a pole-dancing contest – is

Crystal Clear Picture:

Britney Spears helped the cast of Glee trump The Beatles on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, but the pop tart isn’t winning the show any fans on the Parents Television Council. The watchdog group that has protested every series from Shit My Dad Says to Gossip Girl is now turning its conservatism on the […] Continue reading “Glee” Britney Spears Tribute Slammed By Parents Television Council

Uh-Oh…It appears PH has gotten herself into quite a pickle. Just when we think we’ve seen the last of Parasite and the millionairess has finally decided to put some of her money to good use by moving somewhere far away from the rest of civilized society, she flares right back up on us like herpes. Go figure. […] Continue reading Paris Hilton Slammed With Felony Charge In Weekend Cocaine Bust

Hollywood”s leading lady Angelina Jolie has been slammed by a notable psychologist for inviting her nine-year-old son, Maddox, on to the set of ”Salt” and fooling him into believing that she was a man. The 35-year-old actress recently said that after she had been made up as a man for a scene in the spy […] Continue reading Cross-dressing Jolie slammed for ”betraying” son

Model Tyra Banks has been criticized for praising America”s Next Top Model contestant for having the smallest waist in the world. Banks promoted images of the woman with a shockingly thin waist in commercials for her hit modelling reality show”s upcoming season. Banks and her co-hosts gaze at a 188cm model with a waist so […] Continue reading Tyra Banks slammed for praising Top Model star with ”world”s smallest waist”