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TV host Oprah Winfrey’s employees call her ‘Mary’, it has emerged.
The staff, on the set in Chicago, sticks to calling her “Ms. Winfrey”, but outside, she’’s known by the code name “Mary, ” according to her biographer Kitty Kelley.
“That way, when they”re talking about her, and someone overhears the conversation, no one knows they”re referring [...] Continue reading Oprah Winfrey’s ‘secret code name’ – Mary

Tiger’s Divorce Leaked through Elin’s lawyers

For the past two months, all the newspapers are having something to write about Tiger woods’. After his much publicized car accident and his return to the professional tour the news that is making headlines nowadays is that Tiger and his wife Elin is getting ready for a divorce.
The legal process has already started [...] Continue reading Tiger’s Divorce Leaked through Elin’s lawyers

White House staff brings kids to work

On take-children-to-work day, some kids get to tour the White House, meet Bo the first dog Michelle Obama told a group of curious kids visiting the White House Thursday about her daughter Malia’s most frequent question about Dad’s job: What’s he doing to help tigers? Asked about her family’s favorite animal, the first lady said they … Continue reading White House staff brings kids to work