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With a dream cast featuring Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan and Adam Scott (“Party Down” fauxunion!), a wedding-based milieu and Will Ferrell as a producer, the buzz on “Bachelorette” entering its Sundance Film Festival world premiere on Monday night was decidedly deafening. Was this the next “Bridesmaids”?

“Did you wish that ‘Bridesmaids’ was populated by horrible, ugly fucking assholes who hate each other?” wrote writer Kate Erbland on Twitter. “Cool!… Continue reading 'Bachelorette': Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan And Adam Scott Polarize At Sundance Film Festival

for a good time call1 Five Minutes at Sundance: Watch the For A Good Time Call ... Cast Discuss Their Hilariously Filthy Comedy

Five Minutes at Sundance is exactly that: A five-minute snippet of us on the ground with our trusty flip video recorder, snagging whatever meaty piece of film-related content we can to share with you. Yesterday we stopped by the Gen Art/Bertoli Soup lounge to feast on some delicious free soup and wound up walking in on a lively discussion with the cast, writers and director of… Continue reading Five Minutes at Sundance: Watch the 'For A Good Time Call ...' Cast Discuss Their Hilariously Filthy Comedy

The nominees for the 84th annual Academy Awards won’t be announced until Tuesday morning, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start looking ahead to next year’s nominations. Judging from the buzz at the Sundance Film Festival, the 85th annual Academy Awards ceremony might be a special one for Richard Gere; the veteran actor could be in the heat of the Best Actor race thanks to his performance in… Continue reading Richard Gere in 'Arbitrage': Sundance Film Festival's First Oscar Contender?

this must be the place sundance Sundance Dispatch #6: Movies About Sad Artists

As any Sundance veteran can tell you, the best way to start the festival is with a series of movies about depressed artistic types who don’t know what to do with their lives. You have to plan carefully, too, because on average only about 80 of the films that screen here match that description.

I started my 2012 Sundance with This Must Be the Place, Hello

A Running Diary of My Second Day at Sundance

Good lord, I’m tired. Since our auspicious start out here in Park City, things have been … busy. (Related: If you can find it in you, somewhere, deep down within your soul, to lend me some sleep, I would be appreciative for life.) Since my last update mid-day on Friday, I’ve been keeping a running diary of my experience at the Sundance Film Festival. So, here’s how that’s going. (Film… Continue reading A Running Diary of My Second Day at Sundance