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Wow, has another week gone by already? So it has. And what a week it was. NBC killed Prime Suspect, you guys! And shelved Community! WHYYYY! (*Runs into bedroom, slams door shut, leaps onto bed and sobs into Dora the Explorer pillow case!*) Which means it’s time to turn over the TV.com mailbag and get our Shout-Outs on. Who’s with me?

In our review of last Friday’s Supernatural, “Season 7, Time… Continue reading TV.com Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on Supernatural, the Future of Community, and Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon

Note: This review was written based on an advanced screener that featured unfinished audio and possibly a few slight differences.

“Hearts in my cupcakes! Hearts in my cupcakes! That’s never happened before! Hearts in my cupcakes!” screamed a panic-stricken blonde who’d just vomited blood everywhere after discovering beating hearts in her half-eaten cupcake. Not amused, Dean asked, “Should I slug her?” And that was more than enough to give you an… Continue reading Supernatural: Hex-tra Marital Affairs

After kicking off Season 7 with two heavily serialized, mythology-building episodes Supernatural‘s third episode ventured into case-of-the-week territory. And it was… fine. Many of Supernatural‘s standalone episodes have been among the series’ best, but aside from its somewhat shocking ending, I don’t think “The Girl Next Door” will remain in my memory bank for too long.

The cliffhanging events of last week’s episode (Sam and Dean were headed to Monster Hospital!… Continue reading Supernatural: Kill All Monsters! (Except the Nice Ones?)

spn-gnd-jensen-hospital-gown.jpgOn the Oct. 7 episode of “Supernatural,” Jensen Ackles wears a hospital gown.

Oh, sorry. You wanted to hear about the plot?

The CW has just released photos from the episode titled “Girl Next Door,” which Ackles directed. In the episode, Sam (Jared Padalecki) follows a dangerous lead on a case with a creepy similarity to a case Sam solved as a kid. Yes — Colin… Continue reading 'Supernatural' Season 7: Dean breaks a leg, Sam out of commission

The good news is that Castiel isn’t dead, as flimsy rumors from midway through last season would have us believe. The bad news is that now he’s a Godly dick. Supernatural returns for Season 7 this Friday, and to whet your whistle, The CW has released this clip from early on in the premiere, which is entitled “Meet the New Boss.”

How do you feel about Castiel as an all-powerful, “bow… Continue reading Bow Before Cas in This New Supernatural Clip (VIDEO)