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British supermodel Naomi Campbell could be jailed for up to 7 years if she refuses to give evidence in an ongoing trial of ex-President of Liberia, Charles Taylor. An international court subpoenaed Campbell to testify in the war crimes trial of Taylor, warning her that she could be jailed for up to seven years if [...] Continue reading Naomi Campbell could land in jail if she doesn’t testify in Taylor trial

PEOPLE was told by Taylor Lautner at Piaget and Cinema Society-hosted Twilight screening in New York on Monday that his co-star Robert Pattinson and he find pleasure in spitting at each other in the face and screaming at each other. When the reporter jokingly asked the star whether Pattinson had to dodge from any bigger [...] Continue reading Robert Pattinson Enjoys Relations with Taylor Lautner

‘Twilight’ series’ werewolf Taylor Lautner still lives with his parents and helps out with household chores as well. The actor admitted staying with his parents and provides all domestic help despite his celeb status. The 18-year-old star says he helps in cleaning lawn, garbage and dishes as well. “I help out with the lawn, garbage, [...] Continue reading Taylor Lautner still lives with his parents

On Thursday night during the premiere of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” in Los Angeles, a handsome suit dressed on him made Taylor Lautner look so sharp on black carpet. But according to the star, he had plans to cut loose on Friday. Shaun Robinson, Access Hollywood’s “spy”, asked Shaun what he was going to do [...] Continue reading Taylor Lautner about his Plans after ‘Eclipse’

Taylor Lautner regrets his decision of carrying co-star Kristen Stewart for a ‘Twilight’ sequence, which took all day to shoot and left the actor in severe pain. The actor plays werewolf Jacob Black in the upcoming third instalment of the vampire franchise—‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’. And he has to show off his superhuman strength by effortlessly [...] Continue reading Carrying Kristen Stewart on-set leaves Taylor Lautner in pain