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Smithsonian shows Michael Jackson’s hat, Louis Armstrong’s trumpet in Apollo Theater exhibit Michael Jackson’s fedora, Ella Fitzgerald’s dress and Louis Armstrong’s trumpet are together in a Washington exhibit celebrating the famed Apollo Theater that helped these stars to shine. The Smithsonian’s not-yet-built black history museum is bringing New York’s Harlem to the nation … Continue reading Apollo Theater exhibit in DC shows Jackson's hat

Theater owners say thanks to hitmaker Jerry Bruckheimer with lifetime-achievement prize Like most people who receive lifetime-achievement awards, Jerry Bruckheimer wants everyone to know he’s not finished yet. “Hopefully, there’s more to come,” said Bruckheimer, the producer of such franchises as “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “National Treasure” and “Beverly Hills Cop,” who received a career prize Thursday night … Continue reading Theater owners say thanks to hitmaker Bruckheimer

S17015 260x195 In This Horror Movie, the Call Comes From Inside the Theater!

What's more terrifying than a call coming from inside the house? The call coming from inside the theater. That's the thought behind Last Call, an interactive horror film in which the main character calls a random audience member for help.

Even though they knew their efforts were useless, moviegoers have long tried to help the ill-fated protagonists of horror movies. "Run!" "Hide!" "Don't go down there!" In Last Call, a new German movie, the characters are finally willing to listen.

Audience members supply their cell numbers at the beginning of the screening and, at one point in the movie, one phone is selected to receive a call from the character on screen. Voice recognition software listens for the moviegoer's commands and the story unfolds based on their instructions. From the looks of things it seems like it's a "left" or "right," "stay" or "flee" type of thing, so your exhortations for the main character to take off her clothes will likely go unfulfilled.

13th Street, the company that developed the film, bills it as the "first interactive horror movie." It'll probably end up making things goofier than spookier, I imagine, but they're right about one thing: putting the character's fate in the audience's control is a scary prospect.