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Glee star Lea Michele made a young actress burst into tears after refusing to sign an autograph. Way to kill those diva rumors, girl! Hailee Steinfeld,14, is wowing audiences with a formidable role in the nation’s No. 1 movie, True Grit. Sorry kid, that doesn’t make you important enough to get the time of day […] Continue reading Lea Michele Dissed “True Grit” Actress Hailee Steinfeld

True Grit” seized the reins at the weekend box office with $15 million, taking the No. 1 spot and becoming the first Western to top the $100 … Continue reading `True Grit' rides tall with $15M and No. 1 finish

True Grit

The Coen brothers revisit 1969 John Wayne classic True Grit. If it’s a few laughs and a lot of dust you seek, not to mention splendidly laconic … Continue reading True Grit

Make Y! Your Homepage . Capsule reviews of films opening this week:. . “Little Fockers” – Meet the latest in Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller’s… Continue reading 'True Grit' and other films

True Grit, Jeff Bridges, Hailee SteinfeldReview in a Hurry: The Coen brothers’ adaptation of Charles Portis’ satirical western novel is less faithful to actual plot details than the Henry Hathaway film that starred John Wayne,…