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There are fans and then there are super fans … and then there are people like 35-year-old Herbert Chavez who are so obsessed with someone they actually undergo multiple cosmetic surgeries to look more like their hero. Chavez, who apparently hails from the Philippines, is a beauty pageant trainer who’s been on this quest to look more like Superman since 1995. So far he’s had chin augmentation, rhinoplasty for Christopher… Continue reading Look: Some Guy Undergoes Multiple Surgeries to Look More Like Superman

30 Rock” star Tracy Morgan is recovering from a kidney transplant. A statement released Monday by Morgan’s publicist says Morgan is doing well and … Continue reading '30 Rock' star Morgan undergoes kidney transplant

Billy Joel Undergoes Double Hip-Replacement

Pop star Billy Joel is recovering from double hip-replacement surgery.. . Joel spokeswoman Claire Mercuri told People magazine Wednesday the … Continue reading Billy Joel Undergoes Double Hip-Replacement