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Alicia Silverstone is being slammed for numerous controversial comments made in her new book, “The Kind Mama: A Simple Guide To Supercharged Fertility, A Radiant Pregnancy, A Sweeter Birth, And A Healthier, More Beautiful Beginning.”  And yes, that’s really the book’s title!

This isn’t the first time the former Clueless star has stirred up criticism for her parenting style but the sheer volume of advice seemingly… Continue reading Clueless! Alicia Silverstone Bashed For New Book Advising Against Vaccines, Diapers And Tampons

Hong Kong has accumulated around 2.8 million doses of swine flu vaccine and this stock is not needed anymore. Now, whole of the stock will be dumped, according to the officials. The vaccine stock is worth $28.2 million.
When the swine flue pandemic was at its peak, a batch of three million vaccines was ordered […] Continue reading Two million swine flue vaccine stock to be dumped