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Image Credit: AMC

Walking Dead fans were treated to one heckuva spoiler on the AMC website Thursday.

An ad touting the release of the season 2 DVD inadvertently revealed a major plot point in an upcoming episode, in addition to promising other features like an extended zombie gut scene and the making of the barn. The set of 13 episodes doesn’t ship until August, but you… Continue reading AMC website runs ‘Walking Dead’ spoiler by mistake

The Walking Dead: Decisions, Decisions

The Walking Dead S02E10: “18 Miles Out”

We’re three episodes into the new regime of The Walking Dead, and already things are looking pretty different. And better. “18 Miles Out” did much more with less, cutting down on ensemble participation in order to focus on a handful of characters in just two storylines. As a result, we got a more focused episode that told its micro-stories smarter. Heck, by cutting out… Continue reading The Walking Dead: Decisions, Decisions


Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Tonight’s episode of the Walking Dead had something for everyone — well, everyone who likes shootouts, facial woundings, and grotesquely impaled limbs. Yes, season two of AMC’s hugely successful zombie show finally put the mayhem pedal to the metal as Rick, Hershel, and Glenn blasted their way out of the bar and Lori put the skewered… Continue reading ‘The Walking Dead’: Writer Robert Kirkman talks about tonight’s show, ‘Triggerfinger’


Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC

On tonight’s midseason premiere of AMC’s zombie show The Walking Dead our band of post-apocalyptic survivors continued to mourn their beloved Sophia. Who is this girl, the Kim Jong-il of zombiefied tykes? In fairness, while it’s been many a week since we last saw Rick and crew, no time at all has passed for them. Moreover… Continue reading ‘Walking Dead’ writer Robert Kirkman talks about tonight’s show ‘Nebraska’ and previews the rest of the season: ‘Things just keep getting worse from here’

The Walking Dead S02E08: “Nebraska”

My friends and I have a joke (it’s not a good one) we often fall back on when we’re trying to decide what we’d like to do. After toying around with serious ideas (“Ice fishing!” “Bottle-cap sorting!” “Mouse hunt!”), someone inevitably says, “We could talk about our feelings.” Then we all have a chuckle because let’s face it, that would be the most boring thing ever… Continue reading The Walking Dead: Different For Them, Same For Us