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‘Wanderlust’: Paul Rudd Makes The Mistake Of Killing A Fly (VIDEO)

In “Wanderlust,” Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston play a Manhattan couple who, following a bit of unexpected unemployment (is there any other kind?), head down South to rebuild their lives. What happens next is like “Lost In America” by way of “Wet Hot American Summer”: the couple stumbles onto a commune and begins to realize that maybe winning the rat race is for losers.

Directed and co-written by David Wain (“WHAS,”… Continue reading 'Wanderlust': Paul Rudd Makes The Mistake Of Killing A Fly (VIDEO)

Once you hit 40, a reputation as the quintessential “Girl Next Door” sorta becomes the professional equivalent of holding a giant “Loser Stick.” Jennifer Aniston appears to be trying to shake her good girl image with a pair of raunchy roles in upcoming box office comedies filled with sex and drugs. That’s a far cry […] Continue reading Jennifer Aniston Sheds Good Girl Image With Raunchy Role In “Wanderlust”