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Image credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Eighteen players vied for the million dollars on Survivor: One World this season, but in truth, 17 of them never really stood a chance. 29-year-old bridal shop owner Kim Spradlin turned Samoa into her own personal domination station, and in the end, the jury said “I do” when voting to give her the… Continue reading ‘Survivor: One World’: Winner Kim Spradlin reveals how she did it, her worst move, and what happened to that hidden immunity idol

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After winning the racially charged Survivor: Cook Islands in 2006, Yul Kwon made an interesting career choice. He went to work for the Federal Communications Commission (where he met a certain future Survivor contestant with an affinity for his own last name). But now Yul is back on TV hosting a new… Continue reading ‘Survivor’ winner Yul Kwon talks about his new show, and whether he’ll ever head back to the island

Scott Rudin, EGOT Winner: Mega Producer Has Won An Emmy, Grammy, Oscar And Tony

Congratulations Scott Rudin! The mega-producer can now count himself amongst the hallowed EGOT group, after winning a Grammy award this past weekend for best musical theater album (“The Book of Mormon”).

The EGOTs, an acronym that stands for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award, was popularized by Tracy Morgan’s character on the sitcom “30 Rock.” A running gag on the show is Tracy’s goal to win every award on the list… Continue reading Scott Rudin, EGOT Winner: Mega Producer Has Won An Emmy, Grammy, Oscar And Tony

‘Rebecca’ Remake: Alfred Hitchcock’s Only Oscar Winner Gets Re-Commissioned By DreamWorks

At least it isn’t “Psycho” “Rear Window.” According to Variety, DreamWorks has begun plans to remake the Alfred Hitchcock classic “Rebecca” with “History of Violence” screenwriter Steven Knight.

Knight — Oscar nominated for writing “Dirty Pretty Things” in 2002, and also responsible for the David Cronenberg film “Eastern Promises” — will apparently go back to the Daphne DuMaurier source novel for his adaptation, and not work directly off Hitchcock’s moody thriller.

The… Continue reading 'Rebecca' Remake: Alfred Hitchcock's Only Oscar Winner Gets Re-Commissioned By DreamWorks

Luck Is a Winner for HBO

I’ve never understood some people’s fascination with horses. Horse lovers can go on and on about the creatures’ beauty, their gracefulness, their mystique. Me, I see overgrown donkeys that would love nothing more than to kick me in the nads. But HBO’s Luck, the new drama about horse racing that debuted tonight, is taking my ignorance for quite a ride of clarity. Through the eyes of Michael Mann (Heat) and… Continue reading Luck Is a Winner for HBO