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A range of troubles continues to follow Tiger Woods. It is known that he missed the cut at a tournament held in April, lost his coach and suffered a neck injury in May. This time, the golfer is trying not to lose the current game after his sex scandal which broke out in November. We [...] Continue reading Tiger Woods Practically Knocked Down: Complete Frustration

Tiger Woods Pays off Record Divorce Sum

It has been reported by numerous tabloids that a big divorce process between Tiger Woods and his wife has started. According to the London Sun, a huge sum of money – somewhat between $750 and $833 million – will be paid off to the star’s former wife. Everybody acknowledges that that is the greatest divorce [...] Continue reading Tiger Woods Pays off Record Divorce Sum

Wowza — “It’s cheaper to keep her” is an age-old adage Tiger Woods is likely holding dear these days. The philandering sportsman will pony over three-quarters of a billion dollars in his divorce battle with his allegedly club-wielding wife, Elin. Want us to do the math? That’s 750 million smacks.In exchange for the massive sum, Elin has [...] Continue reading Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren $750 Million Divorce Settlement

Tiger Woods taking his game with a new blonde

After the various rumors and issues Tiger Woods faced, there are now reports that the popular golf icon is currently trying out a blonde proxy just like how golfers like hi try out their replacement golf clubs.
Tiger Woods was actually spotted by many at a golf course in Florida. He was with a young blonde [...] Continue reading Tiger Woods taking his game with a new blonde

Wood’s wife participant in scandal?

Hollywood actor Jim Carrey feels that golfer Tiger Woods’ wife must have known about his infidelities and could have been a “willing participant” in the scandal.
“Tiger Woods owes nothing to anyone but himself. No wife is blind enough to miss that much infidelity. Elin had to be a willing participant on the ride for whatever [...] Continue reading Wood’s wife participant in scandal?