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US chat show queen Oprah Winfrey and Harry Potter author JK Rowling have made it to the list of World’s Richest Self- Made Women.
Also in the list was Giuliana Benetton, 72, who originally knitted sweaters that her brother Luciano would then sell on a bicycle.
Rosalia Mera, 66, helped then husband Amancio Ortega make dressing gowns […] Continue reading Oprah Winfrey, JK Rowling amongst World’s Richest Self-Made Women

In two years, this obese orca could be the fattest mom on Earth. You know, if she can live past next week….Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Jersey Girl Donna Simpson, 42, weighs 600 pounds and can barely walk 20 feet without having to sit down, but she’s on mission […] Continue reading Donna Simpson, The World’s Fattest Mom

Would you watch World’s Got Talent? We hear music mogul and acid-tongued pundit Simon Cowell has another talent show trick up his sleeve: The mastermind behind Britain’s Got Talent and its American counterpart is reportedly plotting a World’s Got Talent reality competition show, which would feature acts from over 80 countries competing for a $1 […] Continue reading Simon Cowell Plotting “World’s Got Talent” TV Talent Show

Park it, Ashton! There’s a new Sheriff raising through the social ranks of Twitter, and professional prankster Ashton Kutcher doesn’t seem too pleased about his Tweetin’ crown being snatched by a pop princess.Over the weekend, Britney Spears soared past Ashton in Twitter followers, netting nearly 10,000 more devotees than Mr. Demi Moore — one of […] Continue reading Britney Spears Is The New Queen Of Twitter; Pop Tart Bounces Ashton Kutcher As World’s Most Followed Tweeter

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Meet Darius, tipping the scales at 50 pounds, the Great Continental is the new Guinness Book record holder for the world’s largest rabbit. Not only does the floppy-earred creature measure 48 inches from nose to feet, he’s insured for $1.5 million! Now that’s one very […] Continue reading Meet Darius & Annette Edwards, The World’s Biggest Bunny & His Jessica Rabbit-Obsessed Owner