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What to watch on Tuesday, October 25…

Happy Tuesday to you, your family, and friends, but not their family or friends because that’s just too many people right there. Unless you would be included in the aforementioned group of family or friends of your family and friends, because like I said, Happy Tuesday to you!

8pm, CBSNCISQuick question: Are there any Navy lieutenants left? Or have they all been murdered by now?… Continue reading What to Watch Tonight: NCIS, Last Man Standing, and the History Channel takes on Zombies

New: Gay zombies vs. Bette Midler

51VHcnF2qJL. SL500 AA300  DVD Obscura: Gay Zombies, Childhood Classics and MoreBad-boy Canadian filmmaker Bruce La Bruce has previously explored the world of porn (Skin Flick, Super 8 ½) and zombies (Otto, or Up with Dead People), and now he brings those two seemingly disparate genres together in L.A. Zombie (Strand Releasing Home Video; now available), not for viewers who are squeamish about sex or violence, much less the two… Continue reading DVD Obscura: Gay Zombies, Childhood Classics and More

juan of the dead Juan of the Dead FF Review: Cuba Does ZombiesJuan of the Dead immediately establishes itself as a somewhat noteworthy event in genre film history in that it marks Cuba’s first foray into the splatter-tastic world of horror movies. For this reason and this reason alone, writer/director Alejandro Brugues deserves a round of applause, a pat on the back and an expensive bottle of champagne to share with his cast and crew… Continue reading 'Juan of the Dead' FF Review: Cuba Does Zombies

World War Z Pics: Zombies Break Israeli Border

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July 3, 2011

Like finding Where’s Waldo. Pitt is just above the police sign.

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July 3, 2011

Zombies have feelings too. I mean look at the top picture. The zombie is on the ground sucking his thumb.

300.2legion.lr.011910 Review: Legion Easily the Years Best Movie About Badass Angels and God ZombiesReview in a Hurry: Angels with guns! Wing-fu! God-zombies! When Legion tries to take these kinds of things too seriously, it falters, but mostly it embraces the inner cheese.
The Bigger…
 Review: Legion Easily the Years Best Movie About Badass Angels and God Zombies