‘The L.A. Complex’ Season 2 premiere: 5 things to expect

la-complex-season-2-premiere.jpgThe CW’s criminally underwatched “The L.A. Complex” returns to the network on Tuesday, July 17 at 9 p.m. for Season 2 (or Season 1.5, whatever), and rest assured, the new episodes do not disappoint. The finale left every character in a pretty intense situation: Connor’s house burnt down, Kal and Tariq got into an epic fight, Raquel was pregnant, Abby booked a role and Alicia booked the Usher tour. How does everything shake out for everyone? Here are five things to look for during the Season 2 premiere:

1. We’ll say goodbye to a main character. One of our Hollywood go-getters moves on to bigger and better things. Will you be sad to see [spoiler] go? Possibly, but there are plenty of other storylines to get excited about during Season 2.

2. The Lux gets a new resident. Hey, with [spoiler] gone there’s an occupancy in the building, but this newbie probably won’t be down with all the partying considering he’s underage — like, way underage. We’re talking single digits. Hey, following your dreams isn’t limited to the post-adolescent.

3. Nick will actually get a job in comedy. An honest-to-goodness paid position, not just bombing at open mic nights! Of course, one-night-stand/rival Sabrina is back to cause plenty of trouble for our clueless comedian.

4. Tariq and Kal will leave you in tears. The fallout from their big fight is devastating for both men and heartbreaking to watch. If the final few minutes don’t leave you sobbing in the fetal position, you might be a robot.

5. Raquel embraces her maternal instinct. With Connor’s house in disrepair due to that fire incident, he seeks refuge with his lover. Luckily, Raquel is in a compassionate mood thanks to the news about her little bundle of joy. (No, we still don’t know who the baby daddy is.)

Photo/Video credit: The CW

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