Hey! The Playgirl Club is up the street! Put a shirt on!

The Circle of Life doesn’t just pertain to talking lions, it also applies to sexualized rabbits. NBC has swung the mighty Axe of Cancellation for the first time this season, and the blade has landed on—and subsequently gone straight through—the neck of The Playboy Club.

And so we officially have the first cancellation of the fall 2011 season; the heavily promoted period drama lasted just three episodes in its Monday-night time slot. Last night’s episode registered 3.39 million viewers and a woeful 1.2 rating among adults. In addition to performing poorly in the ratings and receiving iffy critical reviews, The Playboy Club had been under fire from watchdog groups who wrongly claimed the show supported primetime pornography when they should have been more concerned by its ridiculous storylines, horrible dialogue, and embarrassing acting.

The Playboy Club starred Eddie Cibrian and Amber Heard and was set in 1960s Chicago at the legendary gentleman’s club. It was supposed to be part network-sexy-fun-times and part mafia-murder-thriller, and was clearly an attempt to cash in on the success of AMC’s Mad Men.

If you’re participating in our Dead Pool and selected The Playboy Club, congratulations! You just earned yourself 10 points and a 164-way tie for first place!

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