The Dreamowrks Company is evidently bored by the same story line of an ogre laying the golden egg. The fourth movie ‘Shrek Forever After’ in the series does not try and change the concept of the Shrek movies. The concept is so cramped up that it does not have much room for further scope.

He complains to Fiona (Cameron Diaz) that he was an ogre but now just a silly green joke. The only person who can fix this is a wizard who has a contract and also has a grudge against the ogre. The wizard and the ogre trade the latter’s day of life in exchange of another day where he can be his usual self.

The animation of the movie has seen improvement from its film Forever After and the 3D effects were so good that it made the character of Shrek look very primitive and come alive on screen. Actor John Mayers also fears that he will no longer be friends with his co-actors Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas who worked with him throughout the whole Shrek series.

The Shrek series has been a far more different concept from the Sleeping Beauty or The Goldie Locks or even Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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