Bollywood Shehenshah Amitabh Bachchan had a heady day since he was still dazed by the mesmerizing experience he had. He had the luck to witness a whole pride of Lions walk past him in the Gir forests of Gujarat.

Bachchan sa’ab is currently in Gujarat shooting an ad campaign promoting Gujarat tourism. He has been appointed the brand ambassador of Gujarat tourism recently. And as he has been exploring Gujarat for some time now, he is enchanted by the beauty of the land and can’t stop himself from being thrilled.

“A 5 a.m. call and what a call…into the forest and within a few hours, a miracle, eight to nine of them, an entire pride of lions! Unbelievable”, posted Mr. Bachchan on his tweeter page. “The lions walked past me… just five feet away! Amazing! Male, female and cubs, walked straight up to me, looked and went by”, he added.

Big B, it seems has reawakened to the beauty of our country after his visit to the land of the lions. “What a magnificent country we own. And it is only when you visit these places yourself do you realise that it’s not just the greatness of the domain that makes this land so wonderful and blessed, it is the man on the street, the commoner that gives this nation its strength and its glory,” he commented on his blog.

His next schedule for the shoot is located in Somnath temple.

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